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Olá Porto!

Posted: October 31, 2010 in through the lens

Porto had such a gloomy weather since I was there, the grey cloud was everywhere. I was worried to not have good pictures during my time there. Well, I do enjoy walking around the city, not in a rush, jumped myself into any souvenir shops, without buying anything. Talking to people, saying thank you or simply hello with their language, but I mind the light for having  good pictures and also the rain which started pouring. So I ran to the famous Ribeira, I skipped the city, the museum, the souvenir shops, the people,  the everything.  And it’s truly romantic when I got there like my friend once said but I didn’t have much time whinning about how I was only with 2 girlfriends instead of boyfriend, I was so busy unpacking my camera and taking pictures. My friends busy ordered Caipirinha, the Brazilian original sweet alcoholic beverage in a big cup, literally Big! It tastes good, sweet of course, because they put liquid sugar in it, colored green and quite help in warming up my cold bones.

Speaking of the feeling, the rain is actually making the scenery even more romantic and I really could understand why both young and old couple like to spend time along the Douro River. Even I had to do a small run avoiding the rain, zipping on my jacket until under my chin, but the experience to be there was priceless and I wasn’t so surprised when I saw a happy newly wed, hiding themselves from the rain under the bridge but couldn’t hide their happy smile, which owh so contagious that made me smile too and saying congratulations after taking a couple of pictures of them.

So we continued walking and I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of boat, which is one of my favorite thing in the world. And of course at the same time thinking about my best friend who also hearts the boat the same way like I do.

And don’t forget the wine port, it’s also the famous thing along the Douro River. We actually planned to see the making of Porto Wine which is well-known as a sweet wine and less alcohol than other place’s wine, but we were not lucky, because they are all closed by 5 in the afternoon. As replacement, I took only the pictures of the banner of the wine. And pictures of my friends when they were resting by the river.

And of course not to miss the pictures of Ribeira itself.

where UNESCO in recent years, recognised its historic centre as a World Heritage Site. It’s actually alot more interesting places that we can see around Porto which also known as the second largest city in Portugal. So I and my friend really had to pick some of them considering that we had only 1.5 day and also the rain which pouring almost a whole day. We skipped the museum for the next day, and hurried running to our rent room to rest for awhile to change clothes and to have warm food. We were starving. And I fell in love with the food. Simply because they have everything in one plate. And it’s quite the same with my country’s cuisine, both how they serve and the taste. So that night, I had a plate of rice with french fries, fried chicken and carrot salad. Which tasted and looked so damn good. I could not talk more, as after eating dinner I felt my eyelids were very heavy, I could not even manage to go to party with my new Portuguese friends, but had a nice moment with girls, talking and doing some silly dance before we finally had to drag our feet to the bed room and had a sleep. Yes because the day after we still had some plans visiting the city and museum, and of course we raced with the rain. Boa noite!




for food picture I stole from google images