Posted: November 23, 2010 in story over coffee
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I love bubblewrap since I was a little. So, everytime my mom bought some fragile things such as vase, plates or any electronical stuffs, I would be patiently waiting until everything unwrapped and I can have the bubblewraps for myself. Sometimes, I shared them with my big brother, but mostly I kept them for myself. Not literally keep them, actually, because what I did was, popping off the bubbles, from one side to another. Sometimes I did randomly, like started popping them off from the center, and went zigzagging. And I love the sound when they were popped off. And it’s somehow very addictive, that I could not stop until everything popped off. It gives me a happy feeling not to mention a good giggles.

I love bubblewrap, not only because I can have a good feeling after popping them off, but because the ability of this simple thing in protecting stuffs from breaking. I once had my camera (SLR one) being sent from my capital city to my home city, and I received it flawless, thanks to bubblewrap. So I was thinking, if only the heart (yes the heart which any living creature has) had a bubblewrap in protecting it from breaking, so there won’t be the certain thing called “brokenhearted”. Would it be nice?


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