Hei I Miss You!

Posted: November 30, 2010 in my black coffee

it’s beautiful day today, the sun shines brightly and brought me a happy feeling. I finished some lines of email for my friend, sipping my coffee and was a bit running to the class. No, not that I am so happy for the lesson, I just don’t wanna miss this beautiful day. Maybe I am kinda crazy now, but if I see myself back then I didn’t really appreciate the sun like I do now. Yes having 6 full months of shiny days back to my country made me ignoring this blessing. So I marched to the class smiling, oh I felt like whisling, but I can not do it, I don’t know how. And I really think this bright day made people happier, I laughed alot with my classmates and one of them even taught me a poem that I had to repeat it again and again but what I got is curled tongue and they all laughed at me.  Then as I sat beside my friends waiting for the teacher coming, I saw the blackboard and read some words written on it from the previous lesson. I found myself understand the words, and it’s not even Italian, English, French or my mother language (it’s impossible). It was his language, the basic one, so of course it automatically dragged my memory to him, when he enthusiastically taught me his language. It didn’t ruin my mood, fortunately, but I feel slightly sad, and kinda miss him. But, then the teacher didn’t come and I felt like a high school girl who’s very happy to leave the class sooner. And I marched back to my apartment amongst the crowd and realized that since yesterday there are demonstrations in a whole country. I smelled weed in the air, what a beautiful day that you don’t even have to pay for the weed but you can also enjoy the smell.

In my room, I let the all the windows open, the door to the balcony too, I swept away all the leaves on my balcony, they have covered the whole floor. Then I buzzed my friend only saying how beautiful today is and we finally decided how shameful it is if we only stay in the room in front of computer, beside taking some pictures of people demonstrating might be fun or,smelled the free weed in the air?  So we went… and cursing myself because I left the battery almost empty.

We walked up and down the hill, smiled to everyone before realizing the demonstration already marched to somewhere else and left nothing but some empty beer cans. So apparently we missed two things, the demonstration and the free weed, well I am not into beers anyway. But nothing really ruin our mood today, so we continued walking from one corner to the end, and circling around and back. And finally sat down on one bench, looking at people passing by while somehow thinking how I finally be on the last month of the year in this country. A real rollercoaster life, which sometimes being on the top but many other times on the very below. And I miss alot of people back in my country and miss alot of moments there. Couple of my friends married, others getting pregnant and my own sister has a baby that I only could see over the internet. And I miss you, even you are here and we share the same air as I suddenly saw you passing by the square alone, and it’s so you that my eyes won’t be mistaken. The black jacket and the sling bag. The serious look and the crooked nose. Hei, I miss you, my heart yelling. I know you won’t hear. Hei, I miss You! my heart again yelling in your language. You went by. I smiled at my self, I guess this is how God works, he listened to me what I said in the morning that I miss this guy. So He sent him passing the square to me seeing him, without him being noticed. Then I packed up my camera with that half empty battery and going home. However, this was beautiful day that luckily I didn’t miss.


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