sort of called RESOLUTION

Posted: December 29, 2010 in story over coffee
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good news or bad news first? okay, Good News comes first. That my brother is getting married next year, yes next year, which is actually 3 days ahead? well, Okay he’s not gonna married precisely on January 1st but yes on the year 2011. The bad news is… that I probably can not come :(But anyway, who knows where my life would take me. It could be back there and attending my brother’s wedding or I will be somewhere else new. I mean, as I know very well that I never stay too long in one place. My friend once told me that I am a citizen of the world which happened to be born in my country. Ah I wish I had an International Stay Permit.

and yes, new year is coming closer and I should have planned for my resolution like most people do. So it’s gonna be Macca and Turkey on 2011 and some parts of Africa for the work, working on my high skilled immigrant visa, if possible attending my brother’s wedding, finishing my study (owh i really am not sure about this) and the last but not least, to fall in love again (I hope it’s not hard) and I dont put this list accordingly, any of them could come  first or  last, it’s not a matter.

So let me gather up my brain and my heart altogether to work those things out. Get a grip on myself, so chop chop.. alot of things to be done..  and HAPPY NEW YEAR people…


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