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welcome spring!

Posted: March 22, 2011 in story over coffee

Okay, this time I start with a good news 🙂 I gained weight, well I don’t say I have an ideal body size, but it’s the sign I am in the state of happiness. I made more friends, some are jerks, even, but however, anything’s going on with my life recently make me happy. I have project with my professor, I have another class of politic, though it’s not my cup of tea but I found it interesting somehow. It keeps my head busy and make a library a place called home. I still keep an eye for the opportunity of working, anyhow, and my language ability is getting better even some friends say I speak it funny but there is nothing wrong to be funny, eh? I found myself laughing from the top of my lung again. And I really feel good about this.

The bad news is, I am not in love yet, I am not searching though, it’s just because I don’t feel the rush or maybe I am just being too carefull this time, whatever it is, I hope that doesn’t hold me too long. Yet I went out for few dates, well I can’t call them a date, since it’s just having coffee and sharing some ideas but it’s always nice to have company and talk over the coffee about what’s going with the world or even arguing on some stupid things. Or just one sudden celebration for passing the exams. So, it’s not a real bad news anyway, just a lil postpone of happiness.

What can I say more? Ah.. I love myself with nail polish now, thing that never crossed in mind before. So, I can tell that I am really moving on after all I have been through.

Anyway, have a nice spring everyone. Let the good things spring this time.