through a broken heart

Posted: April 2, 2012 in story over coffee

So maybe you just broke up from your relationship. And in your mind never stop thinking about why this is happened to you, what did you do wrong, what is your mistake and so on. And it ended up that you blame yourself for this happened and thinking that you are not good enough. Hemm.. please don’t. Try to think other way around and do something better. Like, maybe your partner is not strong enough to handle you and your big dreams and he’s probably not good enough to be equally the same of your wellness. And pull yourself together, give yourself time to mourn, but give a limit out of it. I mean, if you cry for a week in row after the break-up, I guess it’s normal, but if you find yourself still crying after 3 months, I think it’s just a waste of time. Well, I know it’s not easy, but I can tell this because I have some experiences about this, not to mention, I am quite expert of broken-hearted 🙂

If you think to mend a broken heart is to talk again to your partner, you can go have a try, but if after some discussions you don’t find any solutions, walk straight ahead!! Remember, what goes around, comes around, either with the same person or totally new. You just don’t know, what you have to do is, get a grip of yourself. And in the mean time, keep yourself busy, explore yourself back again, if you think you have a good voice, why don’t you ask your friends recording you singing, put it on YouTube, have a laugh about it, try a new recipe, do traveling, explore a new place. Be around with your friends, because your friends are the people who probably know the most to cheer you up.

Some people may suggest you to date somebody new, for me the idea of meeting new people is not totally wrong, but, if you try to forget your previous relationship through some dates, like going on a date after date, I guess it’s not a well put. I have been there, in case of forgetting my previous partner, I went on date. Though I wisely chose the person, but I know my heart was not ready. He was totally cool guy, a rock climber,so you can imagine how sexy he was and not to forget that he’s Spanish and a civil engineer who happened to take some classes in the same university with mine. So after a bit of flirting around and the “c’mon take me home” signal, he ended up in my room one morning. After some cups of espresso, we practically had nothing to do not even some words to tell. He went out from my room after lunch time, he mentioned about how hard his life as an exchange student where he had to be focused on his study but at the same time had to attend party after party, which I don’t practically agree. But I didn’t really argue, it ended up with the magical word “keep contact” which I didn’t find any lines from him to my cell phone or email on the following days. Luckily I didn’t wait. Yet, I still felt hollow. So for me to go on a date is probably right if you are ready about it. There is no use to do revenge to your ex-boyfriend, because once you really moved on, it doesn’t matter about what your ex probably thinking about you. Just remember that his part in your story is over, it doesn’t mean he is bad. What you do is just let him go because your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you. But always open your heart, give somebody else a chance to be a part in your life. Because we never know what life brings you. Just stop thinking about it and start living.


  1. cutisyana says:

    Giusto, Mamen!

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