I miss home (you)

Posted: April 9, 2012 in my black coffee

It’s a bright day of spring season. I woke up early to praise the sun by jogging around the corner. The temperature was not very good to do outdoor activity, the wind hurt my face and left me brain freeze when I finally reached home. I kind of miss the sea and the ocean breeze, with the warm sunlight and the sound of wave. But maybe I just miss you, because all about sea and ocean bring my memories back to you. I don’t know until when I can miss the sea and worship the ocean without dragging my mind to you. Because long time before I met you, sea and the ocean are home for me to be back whenever my life got harder. I still remember how the sea never failed to cure my sadness, to bring back my smile. But now, how can I go back to the sea without having you in a back of my mind? How can I walk on the beach, because u left your footprints there? How can I miss the sea, without missing you?

Home is where the blue turquoise sea, once it’s said. Now, tell me, how can I not miss home?


the cure of anything is salt water;  sweat, tears or the SEA

  1. it’s also my home, babe, which I’ve been longing for months. thankfully, beach and you stays pure and true to me. no men can ever cross this territory 🙂

    • our home babe, i know u always be pure and true to me, and one day we will be back to the sea and whispering to each other “we’re home”

    • i mean we always stay pure and true to each other 🙂 sometimes i am f*cked up with words, but u know.. words can not fully express how much I Love You?? we’re going to be home soon..yes the blue turquoise sea 🙂

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    A little throw backn

  3. Ditaa says:

    Let’s go home soon, babe

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