in the absence of the sun

Posted: April 15, 2012 in story over coffee

It’s the time of listening the 90’s music collection. When I don’t feel like going anywhere, just hiding myself under super thick blankets. Rain is continuously falling, my coffee is getting cold easily and what I did was gulp it down in hurry because I am not into cold coffee. The next destination has been chosen already and it happened kind of suddenly as it always did.

It’s again the annual meeting (to tell it officially) of me and my best friend. Back to some years ago, I and she had a plan to sit side by side in the airplane to Europe, yet it never happened. What happened was that she left me first to Europe and I cried hysterically on the phone to hear her voice the last time. Then I planned to visit her on summer by working harder and save most of my money to buy return tickets, but it never happened too. The thing was, I had a chance to study in Europe in neighboring country of hers and popped up in front of her apartment some times on summer with swollen eyes and a guy 189 cm with green eyes. The next day we wandered around the town on bikes and later did a wall climbing. Not to mention lost in a small town, bringing everywhere our tripod with no chance to use it. We laughed uncontrollably, talking about nonsense. Hopping on and hopping off of the train, around the country. Then it came the time when we had to be separated again. We didn’t cry, we were too busy dealing with the airport officer of my over weight baggage. It ended up with her tying up the shoe laces of my sneakers attach to my back pack. Taking out all my cream and liquid stuffs so I could pass the controller. The next, I cried in the airplane. She cried too in the train on the way back to her place. It was confirmed the day after in her long email which already waiting for me to open.

And the stories about us repeat. The being far away from each other, the never happened plans, the sudden annual meetings, the existed problems. The life between truly living or struggling.

We missed to ask God to be in the same place but the good thing is; that we always struggle to walk, to drive, to fly around the globe to see each other. So far we managed. The world is so big and far if we measure by kilo meter it has. And it’s too big for two small girls like us.  But then we believe, God meant us to see each other every year, at any place that we never even planned about it.

In the absence of the sun like now, literally, surely it’s going to be a real good escape, to the warmer place. In the absence of the sun, since I and my boyfriend decided to end our relationship, I believe I will find back my sun. In the absence of the sun and the rain falls continuously, surely I and my best friend will keep on shining despite of everything. And we are now closed to see each other, close to say, yes we made it again.

“Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans” [but we keep making plans because it keeps the consistency of our dreams]


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