Global Citizen

Posted: April 19, 2012 in story over coffee

Today, my best friend made me realize again that we are global citizens. Despite of how far we have been from our home countries, it’s also because we have bunch of people who love us over the continents and the ocean.

This morning, a friend who lives in the opposite of the country where I am living now, twitted me to say that she’s gonna send me a pack of food. I was surprised, first, this is not my birthday yet, the second Christmas already passed. There’s no particular reason for sending me things. It left my mouth remained open. She simply said “I wanna send it, because I just knew that you don’t find this kind of food in your place”.

And just yesterday I sent email to a person who once worked with me during the emergency situation after earthquake and tsunami devastated one city, back in my country, telling that I am gonna come to his country for some days. He seems to be so happy and tries to help me to make plan during my stay and also to find me a place to stay. While what I thought only to see him and have a coffee cause I don’t want to disturb him on his tight schedule of work.

At the same time my best friend who lives also far away from our home countries wept her self out, for her friend who lives at different continent of her, telling how he misses her and the time they spent together during their studies. Well, what more can I say? That every time I planned to go abroad, any of my friends who lives at the certain place offers me a place to stay or at least to have coffee together.

When I just arrived at this place, and still try to settle my self down, my friend sent me 12 sweat shirts, 3 dresses and the toiletries, thinking that I might need them. I do, actually, but can you imagine how thoughtful my friend was. If I continue writing, it takes pages of friends who scattered all over the world who loves me. And they are going to convey the love in any time which I never imagined.

On summer 2010, I did my summer job, hard I can tell, far away from everyone, detach from the place I belong. And at night I secretly crying for my hard life, away from family, away from people I love.  A friend of mine called me, at least every 3 days, asking how I am, to make sure I am okay. Try to make a joke over every thing. He has different nationality from me, but once had internship in my country, during his internship; we met and had fun on racing on swimming. Then he continued living from one place to another, we don’t regularly updating our lives to each other, I sometimes don’t know where he is, which country he is living, but at the least moment that I can imagine, he called and gave a big encouragement of living my life.

At this point, I am crying (oh yes, I am a weeper and of course blame on PMS) and also think, how lucky I am to have a lot of friends scattered all over the world. And however they always try to convey their love, despite all the distance, time and borders.

And quoting my best friend “we are global citizens and people who loves us are scattered all over the world and it doesn’t matter if we don’t meet them in persons, they’re going to convey the love in one way or another“.

And yes I agree with her, I am a global citizen and the life I chose is the life I am responsible about and I should not worry since love for me is scattered all over the world and as them, I will convey my love too in one way or another and again despite all the distance, time and borders.

  1. cheers to our gombal citizens life!

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