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Posted: August 22, 2012 in story over coffee

“la persona che ami di più è probabilmente la persona che farti male di più”

okay, the translation will be “the person who you love the most is probably the person who hurt you the most” . No, I am not talking in romantic tone, because the person that you love the most is not always the person who you thought your significant other.

Of course it can be considered as your bestfriends, the member of your family and so on and so on. And the hurt is not always about a broken hearted of so called “romantic love”.

The death is one of the things, the distance even the marriage of your bestfriend maybe.  Can you even imagine the feeling of your mother when you decided to study or to work in the place far away from her? Can you even imagine the lost of the member of your family? Can you even imagine when your dearest friend getting married and start to raise her/his own family? It’s a broken hearted too. Some even worse than the broken hearted from the thing (again) so-called “romantic love”.

One day, I asked my mom, how she feels being away from me. She was silent. The silence which seriously kills me. Then she answered  “How do you feel a broken heart? Hurt, doesn’t it?” I nodded, I know she could not see me since we were talking over the phone. She plainly added, “that’s how  i feel, hurt. Only a hundred times worse, however I manage, by praying, if it still hurts, I pray more”.

I was speechless. Since then I don’t dare myself to ask this kind of question again to my mom. But as a human being, we can not avoid this phase. Like it or not, ready or not. I mean, I believe every moms would love the kids always being around them, don’t they? And I know moms always think we are such a baby, however old we are. But as the time passed and we grow and having our opinions and of course want our freedom too,  it’s time for us to go and grab our dreams. Before, we explored our back yards with moms looking out in worry of us fallen. Now we want to explore the world with moms still worry but saying a prayer instead. I believe they never get ready. But there is always the time for broken hearted. Always, ready or not. And there is also time to be healed. There is always the time when she had to let us go. Either going somewhere else place or getting married and living with our new family. But, there is also the time to be reunited again.

And in my side as a kid, do you think I am ready for the death of my father? though he was very sick for 3 continuous years. Of course NOT. I always avoided thinking about that, until the day came. But as wise people say, time heals. However long it will take, eventually only time heals. And put your prayer and never get tired about it.

So this thing as a reminder for my self. All in the world comes in pair. Happiness with Sadness. Togetherness with Loneliness. And also there were the times when we were close by distance and now being far away also by distance. And every living creature has its time. You and I have our times. Use it, Use it wisely. And in the moment you were down, always remember, it will not take forever. And again never let your praying kneels get lazy. It seriously gets you move forward.

  1. cutisyana says:

    Heyaaaa, salah baca beginian, jadi galau siang2 kan *lalu melipir nyetrika biar batal galau

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