dear Summer … will you be over soon??

Posted: August 26, 2012 in story over coffee

okay, I wanna whine. For everything. Everything around and everything in me.

People you can celebrate this season, hell yeah, grab your booze, put on your bikini, the shades and take your cute boyfriends too. Go, do it. While I am stuck here in my room. Busy doing nothing!!! No, I aint like this season, I aint like the sun hits me right onto my skin. It’s too much. Too much for this tropical girl. I don’t give a damn about your excuse, this Africa Cyclone or whatever that brings the hot wave to this place.

I barely breathing!! My brain doesn’t work! I sleep nearly 20 hours a day, I am being super un-productive person. I can not manage this heat!!!! I even lose my appetite, well okay, I am not an eater though but knowing that I lost another 2kg is quite a pity. God, I just want this overheated summer is over, and will happily embrace the fall season. Cause I need to fall, maybe even harder. I am sorry summer, I don’t love you like I did before, this is just too much. Beside, you don’t bring any fling this time, so what’s the point to keep being here?!!


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