a little summer happiness

Posted: September 2, 2012 in story over coffee

If somehow my ex boyfriend saw me even skinnier than when I was with him, for the God sake, I hope somebody let him know, it’s not about him. I lost my weight, hopefully for a better cause. The over heated summer and the better reason is, the  Ramadhan month.

As far as I remember, that I always lose some weights during summer, so nothing about broken-hearted. Instead, I have some good news during this summer.

Here we go:

So we were waiting for the birth of a baby boy from my dear friend here. As the pregnancy reached 40 weeks, we (some friends and the future mom herself) started to get worry. I was anxious, because I know I never experienced this such thing, yet I was excited. Of course I kept my ears open, and be alerted on each signal the mom gave. Since I live only 5 doors away from their house.

The signal started in the morning on August 26th, but it was first alarm, that the interval still 2 hours or so. During the afternoon, it was simply nothing. Then I went to their place just to make sure, they said, maybe not now. So I went back home, still alerted. Then about 11 at night, the husband called, come, I think it’s about the time. It doesn’t take a long time, I was there. The husband already called the ambulance, so we waited while I was helping them to pack a little stuffs. The interval was getting closer and closer, it was every 10 minutes. The ambulance came with 3 person, checking the pulse and stuffs. And only the husband was allowed to accompany, so I stayed at home. Anxious.

After some hours the husband called, asking to bring him the tab that he accidentally left and also for a company. I desperately calling the taxi, which magically disappear somehow that night. I tried to call 5 to 6 numbers and no answer. So my other friend said that he will call another friend who has a car. It was 2 in the morning. It worked. He came only 10 minutes to our residential.

To make the story short, we were in the waiting room, waiting altogether, me, the husband, and two other male friends. Walked through the corridor and back. Over and over. At 4, I could not help to open my eyes, that I fell asleep on the bench in the waiting room. Not a good sleep though, because a hard wooden bench is totally not for the skinny ones. The husband in the delivery room with the wife. So I just waited for my cellphone ringing to see the progress. At 6 the baby born. I barely knew anything, until I checked my twitter that the husband already posted the pic of the baby boy. I was almost crying in happiness. And waited a little more until I can see at least the husband to congratulate him.

He was out with sore (of sleepless and worries) but happy eyes, to see us in the waiting room.The baby still in the neonatal room for some checks. Then we had a group hug and congratulate him, before we went back home.

So it was the good thing happened during this summer, and I am so happy that I experienced it my self. Frankly I already have 4 nephews, but I didn’t really take part of them, the first 2 nephews born when I was too young, and I barely understood anything. And the other 2, I am already here in europe, which is we are thousand miles away. So again I said, this is one of the happiest things happened during summer. Wish to have more happiness on next seasons.


wish to put on the picture of the baby boy, but since I haven’t asked permission from the parents, so let it be the post without the pic. Telling you, the baby is damn gorgeous!

with the permission of the parents I am allowed to put the baby’s picture. This cute little baby on his 12 days 🙂 Gorgeous, eh??!!

  1. Witz16 says:

    hoorayyy, official aunty red ranger! nyahahahah

  2. Edduth says:

    makasih tante siaga…. abang ternyata sudah 12 hari yah…. kecup2 imut dari abang :*

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