a happy (go lucky) aunt

Posted: September 6, 2012 in story over coffee

…. and to let every body know why I stated myself as a happy aunt.  It’s because of my 2 latest nephews. (the pictures below). Not that I forgot the other first 2, but they now starting to be adolescence and have thousands reasons for not in the pictures. Bet they will be sorry when they are grown up :).

the first one is now 2 years old (going on 3). He was born on March 2010, he has amazingly cute curly hair, and bananas like fingers. Cute! He likes to do all the house chores. Helping out his mom. Name it, from sweeping the floor and mopping it. Til helping mom washing the dishes. Such a big help of boy aged 2, no? Following his father who’s quite a traveler, he’s already been in 5 different countries even before 2. Sadly he doesn’t remember anything :).  He is also the youngest little hajj (umrah) from our city. He is the son of my first sister.

the second one is now almost 4 months old, born on the latest May 2012. One month earlier than was predicted. Quite fragile at first because he was on the caesar delivery. But more importantly he’s healthy and every single day is a new progress from him. He is the son from my 4th brother.  So now, you guys know, why I said I am a happy (go lucky) aunt. 🙂

  1. cutisyana says:

    *cemilin pipi dua2nya*

  2. itu typo: the son of your daughter eh?
    otherwise.. i’m a happy go lucky auntie too! with no nieces or nephews, but i’m happy anyway 🙂

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