the morning distraction

Posted: September 8, 2012 in story over coffee

It’s a beautiful morning as I opened my eyes, not too early for the early bird like me. Then I started cleaning up my place and luckily still 10 in the morning when I finished all. So I decided to have a morning walk and had breakfast outside. It was all nice, I love the weather between the summer and the autumn, when the sun shines not too wild, and the cold is not too bitter. Anyway, it was macchiato and 2 pieces of brioches. Some smiles from random people and a little sweats from the walk. I feel so good. For my place is quite hilly,  I don’t need any fitness gear or even jogging track to exercise. Just drag my (sometimes) lazy bum to go out and walk, or a small run. Well, I miss swimming though, where I can work my arms out. (Again) if I am not too lazy, I can drag my bum out to the train station and go to the nearest beach which only 15 minutes by train.

At home, started to back on the works, but it’s always some distraction. You know, when you start focus yourself in front of computer try to do something, then instead of working you start browsing things not related to your work. Me, my distraction at its worst. Thank God I have no Facebook anymore, so I don’t do such thing called “stalking” but more like browsing things and being stunned about it. And unfortunately the stunning moment sometimes leads me to another stunning thing where then I will get stunned again and start doing this back and for until I realized I wasted a lot of time on this. Anyway,today, I browsed a lot of things back on my country. I kinda miss it, maybe not only kinda. Then somehow got myself to my former boss’ site.  He grows older (well, who doesn’t?) but kinda fast. The beards grow longer and all white, he looks more like Santa Claus to me now. Not bad though 🙂 And his daughter grow to be an adult, with her sparkling life, the parties here and there. I remember how she was forced to do her homework by his dad and refused at her best. Guess, she doesn’t have to do any homework anymore. Time flies. Real fast!

Anyway, I don’t know what I’m thinking now, just a morning distraction. Indeed people grow older (not to mention aging). To continue the weekend without feeling worry too much, I started listening to the relaxing song from my country 

So happy weekend everyone …

ps :

I guess my friend is right, People getting older, I am getting more awesome, instead 🙂


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