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yeah it’s been a long time after my annual meeting with my bestfriend. To let everybody knows, me and my bestfriend always living the life separately. So, it’s like our unwritten agreement to have annual meeting in any part of the world. This year was Turkey. It’s happened quite sometimes ago (May 2012). And the first part of some pictures already posted (from my side, at least from my camera). And now I posted from my bestfriend’s camera.





after all we both back to our real life. My bestfriend back to US as she lives there for the time being. And me back to the land of  pasta, for my responsible hasn’t finished yet.

Hopefully to keep posting our annual meeting, any where, any year 🙂


as we all knew by heart, one who had birthday would not let the day pass without a SURPRISE !

this time is Edith, an adorable newly mommy :)), in between our practising the dance for the cultural night, we managed to give her a little surprise 🙂






It was very cold that time, that we actually expected the spring but then “boom” it was snowing. The Netherlands is very unpredictable when it comes to wheather, seriously. My best friend prepared so-called party of welcoming Spring when the snow pouring down covering the whole city. And I barely had nothing to do. My idea of winter, of course snuggling the blankets, with a mug of hot chocolate. But Nee! my best friend said we had to go out! Okay, fine! Then what to do?? Since it was not my first time to the Netherlands, and we did all the train hopping from one city to another, we even got lost in very small town called Sneek. What kind of city called Sneek, what to see there?!! Anyway, the credibility of her being a cartographer is always in doubt everytime she’s with me. She always got lost!, always! Then, she said, we go to Sex Museum, I won’t get lost to get there. Ah well,  adventure here we go again!!

So, that was us, side by side on the train, we can not hide our giggles every time we were together.  But, people, we always have reason to laugh, and at that time she just graduated her master degree and I just passed my exam with maximum mark (i am pursuing my master degree too).  In the picture she was with red, I was with blue, a little not right, because if people know us, I am more red, she is the blue.  And the Starbucks coffee was not ours. So anyway, we were not lost!!! Hahahaha cheers with “the not ours” Starbucks coffee!!!

And of course there was a long stare before we could get in. Like “hei, are you old enough to see this museum”. Well, anyway it’s a museum right? since we are students and students suppose to love museum, here  we go :).

“skip from high school, they said | study tour, we said” | we didn’ t lie, no? |

so we were around and around in there, it’s not that big museum, but kinda shocking about things inside. And there were a lot of people coming to see, so it made our times there a little longer than we expected, beside, who wants to go outside if it was snowing and it was very warm inside. After bunch of pictures, we decided to finish our adventure in the museum, beside, we could see a lot of people queueing outside to get in. Then to finally fighting the cold outside.

ah well the Netherlands, see you soon, thanks a lot for the lessons. We mean, seriously. But if you wish us to grow up, it’s nearly impossible. Hopefully we will back again, when people don’t bother to ask our ID card 🙂