dear God …

Posted: November 4, 2012 in my black coffee, story over coffee

oh well I found this post which I wrote some times in 2007, quite years! But I just want to post it again, cause whenever the time line, it’s still applied..

Dear God…

You gave me once again this such heavy burden on my shoulders, instead of asking why, I better get through this thing and try to understand it.You once again put me in very hard problem, instead of crying, I better find a solution for those such things. You bang my face once again to the wall, juggle my heart and hit my brain, instead of upset, I better learn to be wiser. You give me life, you postpone death, you give me friends but keep the loneliness in my heart, instead of worrying, I better walk towards you to know you more. You give me the dark take away the light, simply because you want me to be grateful with what I have and to not cry over something that don’t belong to me. You give me this roller coaster thing, to not hear my scream but to make me listen to those unspoken words.

Thank you God, for always having time to listen to me, surely you know everything inside, without me bothering to speak. And it’s good to have you to talk (or to listen).

written on May 5 2007

  1. nyonyasepatu says:

    Suka sekali tulisan inu

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