Random Thought

Posted: November 29, 2012 in story over coffee, through the lens

” I buoni amici non ti lasciano fare le cose stupide … da solo/a” 

it means: good friends will not let you to do the stupid things, alone .. 🙂

my random thought today is about:  I think it’s legal to not like somebody, or to be explicit, my own friend. I can not tell that I like my friend before, it’s just happened that we become friends. Let’s say you never plan to have a certain friend, do you? I mean it’s happened kind of suddenly. And my other good friend said, that to stay in friendship, you should maintain it. And I totally agree about it. Like, you and I become friends and there must be a whole lot things to do in between, no? Through bad and good things together, and not to mention a bunch of silly things.

For example, I have a best friend (oh yeah babe, you again!!) how ever far away we are separated, I never had a kind of “missing link” of her every story. How many miles between American Continent with European Continent, here we go,  do the math! the distance is nothing that we manage to talk to each other every single day. And we are randomer, like she talks about something and I talk about another, but in the end, it’s always that we thank to each other for the company. And maybe other people think, that we have nothing to do, that we manage to talk to each other from time to time. No, you all wrong, my bestfriend is one of the busiest person, who happened to sit on the position in the United Nation in New York Headquarter, while me, here I have loads of shits to be done. You go, figure! Just, once she said, it’s not that we are too busy for friends, it’s just you want it or not to stick with them. Through everything. Sometimes only one word saying hello will make your day. You don’t need to write like 12 pages of letter to maintain relationship.

So, back to the topic that comes at first hand, that I don’t like my friend, who barely do nothing on the friendship. I mean it takes two to tango, no? It’s not only one person to try hard for this relationship to exist, it has also to be from the other part. So if the other part don’t bother, why should I? Put this person in a category of “somebody I used to know” and move on. Because when I see around I have a lot of beautiful person with beautiful personality that voluntarily to be my friends.  So I am in.

  1. and not to mention that babe has to go on a lot of dates recently. haha!

  2. cutisyana says:

    Di fotonya… semua orang2 ngeliat ke gw.. Lalu Mia pandang2an sama siapakah? sofa?

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