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i wonder

Posted: January 13, 2013 in story over coffee

I wonder about you. I wonder about whether you have more tattoos on another part of your body or not (yet). Once, you said “ I wanna have 7 tattoos then stop”. I remember you had three. The first is the koi fishes on your left ankle, the second a group of stars on your right belly, the last you made was a turtle, on your right leg. I remember how you explained about the meaning of each tattoo. I wonder why 7.

his tattoo

I wonder what you become, an advocate as written in your diploma, or simply following your passion on challenging the upcoming waves. Yes waves, literally.

I wonder about if you broke another heart like you did mine, one time ago. I wonder if you still have fear on Long Distance Relationship. One day, we had our bodies wrapped under the blanket in the winter day, no distance; it was my skin upon yours. You said “come closer, you’re still too far”. I curled up my body to hear the wave of your heartbeats, closer, not a single thin air between us. Cause we both knew, the distance makes bitter jokes. I said “la distanza fa brutti scherzi, no?” In your language. You nodded, agree. “Stringimi sempre, amore”. You whispered. And we curled up each other even closer.

We’re not getting younger, are we? But the memories of us never get older. I wonder why, I wonder why I keep wondering… of you… of us.  But maybe this time that we have to challenge other waves, where you and I are apart and separated by many degrees of waves. Literally and not literally.