Extra Virgin

Posted: June 18, 2015 in story over coffee, the bitter the better coffee

So I have this close friend, a 20 something years old guy, to be precised. We’re not friend-zoning each other, yet we have this mutual relationship. I like to cook and he loves to eat. He brews good coffee (he was a barista once in Hawaii) and I am a coffee addict. We traveled together, maybe thrice abroad and hundred times to supermarket nearby buying milk or only to get lost by public transport to nowhere.
There was the time we got bored of our university cafeteria food and I had to cook for both of us. He had to do the grocery shopping. I made a list of what to buy and he took it without asking and off to the supermarket.
But then after a moment he called me on my cellphone, puzzled about something;
Him : Where do we find the olive oil, is it the same place with the usual oil?
(as Indonesians we are not familiar with Olive Oil but Coconut Oil)
Me : Yes, it’s the same, there will be lotsa type of oil there.
Him : And what’s the different between “extra virgin” olive oil than just olive oil, can we just buy any of it?
Me : I have no idea the difference, but come on, just find that extra virgin olive oil, cause that is what I read in the recipe. I just wanna make the food right as in the recipe. And I am sure it’s easy to find that “extra virgin” one.
Him : You’ve gotta be kidding me!!! Here, it’s not even easy to find “A Virgin”, how the hell I can find “The Extra Virgin” one.
Me : …….. (pause) dude, we’re talking about olive oil, right??? are we even talking about the same topic?
Him : uh ..oh.. humm yes, extra virgin…


* Extra Virgin Olive Oil : Comes from virgin oil production only, and is of higher quality: among other things, it contains no more than 0.8% free acidity and is judged to have superior taste. (wikipedia)

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