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Cheers from us, Local Surfers. Having nice chat on a lazy Sunday evening.

Hang Loose.





This going to be my first post in 2016. Not so productive back then on 2015, I more posted pictures on my instagram account than writing here in wordpress. My life is somewhat okay, since I didn’t set some goals, the whole year was like going through day by day with all good and bad things. Meeting some new people, and ditching them at once 🙂 Having more friends at some points and lose one too.

The highlight of the year is of course having a chance to meet my bestfriend and had trip with her and had a lot of fun times together (which is including lazing around in a hotel room and practically doing nothing but laughing even we had no particular reason what we laughed about). Happiness is around the corner, over our coffee or simply on our gado-gado plates. Not so much tears to be shed when we had to be parted, not because we are stronger than before, but because we know we will meet again in only God knows where.

And I managed to have road trip by motorcycle from Java Island – Bali Island back to back, to climb the mountain, and back to the sea for a wave-seeking. And again just lazing around laying on the soft sand or to feel the salt air on my skin.

This is not about my achievement in a year, cause I don’t have any, this is about how I get through my life day by day. And how one can actually change mentally after doing so. I don’t have a note book with a check list in it, I don’t have a stable job. To be a freelancer is scary to some people, to me too. But to my surprise, I am survived, some times with good amount of money in my bank account, sometimes with very limited resources. But I managed to not have any loan or loan with the lowest interest or not at all. I don’t live a fancy life, and I am happy with the lesser things I posses, I am happy to be able to exercise 5 times a week and maintain my health. I am happy not all the time stuck in traffic on the way to work, but I am happy when I have some peak time of my work where coffee break is the only break I have. I don’t have so much regret recently, you can disagree about my life. You can tell me that I should be more organised and set some goals.  But thing people should know, that every goal is different to each person. There’s nothing wrong to have some goals or not to have any, or even to change your aim after half way. As someone who achieved bachelor degree in technical engineering and changed drastically on master degree for social science, working mostly 7 days a week to a freelancer, nothing really surprise me anymore. And I know I can achieve my any goal anywhere and with no certain time line. Cause, why I limit my self?

Happy 2016 !



Hai soltanto una vita. Fa ciò che ti rende felice, e usa il tuo tempo con chi ti fa sorridere. Se non sei felice, fa qualcosa in merito. Se i tuoi amici non hanno per te, trovane di nuovi. Se vuoi qualcosa, va e prendila. Cosa te lo impedisce? La vita è breve, non stare a chiederti cosa sarrebe se, se non provi non lo saprai. Segui sempre il tuo cuore. Non avere mai rimpianti. Certe occasioni arrivano solo una volta, acchiappale. Non crogialarti negli errori passati. Accetta le cose della vita che non puoi cambiare. Prova a non dar importanza a cosa gli altri pensano di te. Non paragonare le fortune degli altri alle tue. Dai sempre 100% in ogni cosa che fai. Abbi sogni e aspirazioni. Ama e smetti di analizzare troppo. Lasciati amare. Circondati delle persone che ami e fa ciò che ti piace fare. Sorridi agli altri e ridi più che puoi. Perdona in fretta, accogli le occasioni, viaggia spesso. Non aver paura di fallire. Prova nuove cose. Corri il rischio. Affronta le tue paure. Decidi ciò che vuoi nella vita e mira a quello. Non aspettare che le cose accadono, fa in modo che accadono. La vita è una grande avventura, ne possiedi una sola, quindi rendila migliore e più che puoi. ♥♡