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I talked to my closed friend, she was my neighbor when we were still in our country and also my workmate when we worked in one of International Organization which concern about disaster and things related to it. We moved to this continent at about the same time. We manage to talk, from time to time, sporadically, we never mind at all. In fact, the distance makes us even closer. But hei, speaking of which, it’s actually our topic for today, The Long Distance Relationshit. Tell me I am such a hopeless romantic, but instead of asking her to give up when she was whinning about her LDR, I was asking her to fight for her relationship and do any effort that she probably can do. It’s not that she can not find another better guy after her recent guy, but you can not just jump over to other person when you feel like your recent relationship stucked, can’t you? Tell me if you do, then I probably find the percentation of divorce is rising every single year, which is now yes. So I was telling her, it takes two to tango, go grab your boyfriend’s hands and ask him to dance (with you). I am not a kind of person telling to leave this relationship and find another guy. Hei what’s wrong with fight over it? I guess everyone deserves to be fought over and so does your partner.