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let’s go to the museum…

Posted: January 28, 2011 in through the lens
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I finally decided to go to museum today, no particular reason, I just love museums, any kind. And I always feel amazed with the person who’s engaged in the museum and explaining the things in more than one language. In my country, the explanation will be performed bilingually, my language and English. When I was in Portugal, it was very beautiful young girl guided our group explaining in 4 languages. I wondered how she wasn’t slip the tongue. In Germany of course with machine that we can just choose any language we want, for 1 round it costs about 5 Euros. In Belgium, I was sneaking around in one student group so I don’t have to pay for the service, but stupid me, I realized that Belgium is the country which using either Dutch or French, so I gave up easily and secretly went out from the group.

Anyway, yes I do love museums, I am crazy about them. In Germany, I and my friend could just jumped in the car or sometimes we took the tram to go to any kind of museum, one day we went to the Hitler things, another day for chocolate museum. One day, we went to coal museum and of course all the art museums. In Rome I did bus hopping on summer and stop in almost each museum, I remember it was immigrant museum and I could see the first passport which used by Italian citizen who’s coming to US. In the Netherlands was even more fun, I went to Sex Museum, it was of course made my jaw dropped. It was like the feeling of embarrassed and excited at the same time, some parts really made me goosebumps, with all the sadomasochism thingies, but I still plan to see the similar museum which is bigger and older in Copenhagen. Well, let’s see.



So, today is the  paleontology day, and since I live in Italy which English doesn’t even exist, I didn’t expect the person in charge could explain in English, beside it’s not my problem they don’t speak English even sometimes I feel so pity with Italian people in general. Anyway, the museum was nice, not so big, it’s only 3 big parts, divided with the era of the earth. I was (again) with a student group and started taking some pictures hurrily because I got only 45 minutes before the museum closed. It was very fun day and I just don’t care about the freezing weather. So if you somehow need a company in visiting museum, don’t be hesitate to ask me, I’m IN.

And here are a few pictures I took.#click on the picture to enlarge